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All Heritage is Poetry

May 14 - September 11


The Fórum’s key exhibition in 2016 proposes a reflection of what is Heritage, how we define, declare and accept it. Based on the idea that the past is but a prologue of the future, and that Heritage should be continuously activated and densified so that it does not disappear or loses its meaning, this show will present several ways of thinking Heritage. Sometimes in an irreverent tone, others almost iconoclastic, sometimes ‘concerned’, others ‘hopeful’, the exhibition aims to reflect on how artists have approached this topic, how they question and reflect on it.


The exhibition will bring together a large collection of works by Portuguese and International artists. Just like the show The Coming Museum (2015), this exhibition will not be limited to the Fórum’s space and will feature collaborations with several local institutions.


The exhibition will have a strong program of complementary activities, also the result of several collaborations with other local institutions, such as the University of Évora.