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The reserve of things in their latent state

Fernanda Fragateiro

Building Blocks © Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, 2017


21 january - 23 april 2017

Curator: Adam Budak, curator in chief of the National Gallery of Prague


The work of Fernanda Fragateiro (1962) is characterized by a keen interest in the 20th century avant-garde practices in art and architecture, an interest which she implements in her sculptures and installations. While drawing on a wide range of references, Fragateiro´s work maintains a strong signature style, born of an economy of means and a meticulous minimalist aesthetic of form, color and surface texture.


In the words of Adam Budak, curator, the title The Reserve of Things in their Latent State defines the exhibition as a (dormant) library, a multi-layered space of the (im)possibility of disappearance where the book - in Blanchotian terms - is the totality: the presence of a content, the presence of a form as well the development of a system of relations.


In this exhibition, Fernanda Fragateiro is an archaeologist and a librarian who critically reconstructs the repository of knowledge that is the book while making it less familiar, paying attention to its condition of an object and its sculptural potential.


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